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Elder Care Coordination and Advocacy

What is an Elder Care Coordinator?

Johnson McGinnis Elder Care Law - What is an Elder Care Coordinator

Johnson McGinnis Elder Care Law - What is an Elder Care Coordinator

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Bridging the Gap in Elder Care


A Life Care Plan from Johnson McGinnis Elder Care Law and Estate Planning includes the services of an elder care coordinator who oversees the management of your loved one's health and long-term care, serves as your advocate for quality care, and helps you make good decisions for your loved one every step of the way. Think of your elder care coordinator as the general manager of the team of providers dedicated to making your loved one’s life safe and his or her surroundings comfortable and familiar. 


An elder care coordinator:


  • Conducts care assessments to uncover potential problems and find solutions

  • Helps you locate and hire in-home help or other services

  • Coordinates with medical and health care providers

  • Reviews medical issues and offers referrals to other geriatric specialists to provide appropriate care in a way that conserves financial resources

  • Helps you plan for the possibility of incapacity or disability

  • Provides support, guidance, and advocacy during a crisis

  • Assists with housing decisions and transitions, including moves to or from a long-term care facility

  • Provides education, counseling, and support

  • Works in collaboration with other members of the support team serving your loved one, including long-term care administrators, accountants, physicians, and financial planners to ensure that the right professionals are helping you at the right time

  • Serves as an advocate for quality of care in long-term care facilities, including helping plan for care conferences

  • Empowers you to be an advocate for your loved one

  • Serves as a liaison for family decision making, obtaining accurate and detailed information from health care providers, and communicating it to the entire family. 

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To find out more how about how elder care coordination services from Johnson McGinnis Elder Care Law can benefit you and your loved ones, contact Johnson McGinnis to schedule your consultation. Call (615) 824-2571 or email us

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