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Stormy Skies - Crisis Life Care Planning - Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law & Estate Planning in TN
A Crisis Life Care Plan from Johnson McGinnis: Your Anchor in the Storm

Crisis Life Care Planning

Is your Loved One in Crisis?

The answer is YES if any of these statements are true:

Your loved one is dependent on family/professional caregivers

You have been told that your loved one can no longer live at home. 

The long-term care your loved one needs may bankrupt the family 

The Many Facets of Crisis 

A diagnosis. A medical emergency. An accident. A discovery.  No matter what happens, if a loved one can’t return home, it can spark a cascade of catastrophes for the older adult and family caregivers. 

The Housing Crisis


Family members scramble to assess options, often paying a premium for care and services arranged at the last minute.

The Financial Crisis


The high cost of care means family assets end up siphoned away to pay for expensive long-term care.

The Family Crisis


The situation throws the entire family into turmoil, especially if family members disagree about care. Conflict is common.

The Caregiver Crisis


Confusion and burnout are the norm for caregivers, especially if they’ve been providing care on their own for months, years, or even decades. 

Quality of Life for Your Loved One. Peace of Mind for You. 

A Crisis Life Care Plan is for elderly loved ones who need immediate care to protect their health and safety. It gives you and your family the guidance needed to protect the legal, financial, and personal well-being of elderly loved ones in crisis. 

Each Life Care Plan is customized to meet the client’s needs. Most Life Care Plans include elder law, estate planning, Medicaid planning, VA benefits planning, care coordination, insurance support, advocacy, and asset protection strategies such as maximizing contributions to IRAs, moving funds to an irrevocable trust, retitling various assets, or using limited liability companies or family limited partnerships.

Daughter & senior mother - Crisis Life Care Planning  - Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law & Estate Planning in TN

Take Your First Step Toward Peace of Mind

Contact Johnson McGinnis Elder Care Law to get started on a Crisis Life Care Plan for your loved one. Call (615) 824-2571 to schedule your confidential consultation. 

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