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Medicaid Planning

Medicaid Planning: Protecting Quality of Life

What is Medicaid?

Medicaid (known as TennCare in Tennessee) is a needs-based medical insurance option created by the government for people 65 and older or those who have been declared disabled. Medicaid can be used to cover the costs of general health care as well as long-term care. For older adults, Medicaid can help pay for long-term care in the home, in a nursing home or in an assisted living facility. Medicaid is available for those who do not have the private funds to pay for their care.

Because Medicaid is a needs-based benefit, many middle income people do not consider it. They do not believe that they will qualify. While it is true that to be eligible for the Medicaid program, you must meet strict financial requirements, with the right planning, Medicaid can be a viable payment source for long-term care—without unnecessary impoverishment of either the older adult who needs are or the spouse. 

Early Planning is Key

Johnson McGinnis Elder Care Law helps you determine which government benefits your loved one may be eligible for and works with you to obtain those benefits from application through qualification. We ensure that all legal documents are current, and all assets are protected. Our skilled, experienced, and compassionate professionals empower you to protect your financial rights, legal rights, eligibility for public benefits, quality of life, and more—now and in the future.


To find out more how about how Medicaid planning services from Johnson McGinnis Elder Care Law can benefit you and your loved ones, contact Johnson McGinnis to schedule your consultation. 

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