February 2020

Amputations Due to Diabetes Can Be Prevented

Observing a few simple rules can make the difference in sparing elderly diabetes patients from a preventable outcome of the disease: a foot amputation. Dr. Gina Mendoza, DPM, FACFAS, founder of Mendoza Podiatry, explains in this guest column.

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Mythbusters: Why Do They Keep Asking the Health History Questions

When you take your loved one to the hospital for the umpteenth time and the admissions person asks the same questions she asked you every time before, it's because the hospital is inefficient and the admission person wants to be annoying. Right? Elder Care Coordinator Pati Bedwell sets the record straight in this latest installment of our Elder Care Law Mythbusters video series.

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New Compensation Available for People Exposed to Nuclear Radiation

If you are caring for an elderly loved one who was exposed to radiation as a result of the United States military’s domestic nuclear testing program, you’ll want to know about the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) that can offer up to $100k in compensation for those who may have developed cancer or other specified diseases after such exposure. This article explains.

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Mythbusters: Healthy Seniors Don't Need Medicare Part D

If you're a healthy senior who doesn't take any prescription drugs, you don't have to sign up for Medicare Part D, right? Medicare Specialist Joshua Hunter address this common misconception in this latest installment of our Elder Care Law Mythbusters video series.

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FAQ: The Tennessee Real ID

What is the Tennessee Real ID? Does everybody need one? Should you help the elderly loved ones in your care get one? Family caregivers throughout the state are asking themselves these questions. In this article, we'll answer many of the most common questions we're hearing.

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Mythbusters: Spending Down for Medicaid

If you're spending down to help an elderly loved one qualify for Medicaid, you can only spend that money on medical expenses, right? Public Benefits Specialist Joshua Bey takes on this common misconception in our latest Elder Care Law Mythbusters video.

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2020 Tax Changes

Are you wondering what's new in 2020? Here's a recap of the most important tax-related changes for the new year, including the updated estate and gift tax limits. 

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Mythbusters: Trusts are Just for Rich People

You should have a certain amount of wealth in order to need a trust, right? Certified Elder Law Attorney Barbara McGinnis dispels this common estate planning misconception in our latest Elder Care Law Mythbusters video.

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