January 2021

To Place or Not to Place – Part 2

In this second article in our four-part series, elder care coordinators Pati Bedwell and Debra King talk about the most common mistakes families make when they wrestle alone with the decision to place an elderly loved one in a facility or to care for them at home.

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To Place or Not to Place – Part 1

With COVID hitting long-term care facilities especially hard, should you place your loved one knowing that you might not be able to see them? Elder Care Coordinator Debra King explains some of the pros and cons involved in this difficult and intensely personal decision.

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Could an ABLE Account Help Your Loved One?

How much do you know about ABLE Act, which allows eligible people with disabilities to create tax-free savings and investment accounts? If someone you love is dealing with a chronic illness or disability, ABLE accounts can help increase quality of life. This article explains the basics..

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Is Everything Really Okay?

If you left your parents' home after the holidays worried about what you saw and heard, you're not alone. This is the time of year when many adults realize that their aging parents aren't doing as well as they thought they were. 

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