Show Notes - July 13, 2018 - Legislation Affecting Seniors

If you missed the original broadcast, watch the show here after July 20, 2018. 


Segment 1: Elder Abuse

The Honorable Lisa Zavogiannis, District Attorney General serving Van Buren and Warren Counties and member of the Elder Abuse Subcommittee, joins Tim and Barbara to talk about elder abuse-related legislation and initiatives. 


Segment 2: Legislation Affecting Veterans

Steve Singleton, the legislative liaison for the Montgomery County Veterans Coalition, joins Tim and Barbara to discuss legislation that impacts veterans.


Segment 3: Adult Day Services Legislation

Bill Zagorski, Executive Director of Centennial Adultcare Center and President of the Tennessee Association of Adult Day Services, and Mary Anne Oglesby-Sutherly, Executive Director of The Veranda, join Tim and Barbara to talk about legislative changes that affect adult day service providers.


Segment 4: AARP

Shelley Corrington, who lobbies for seniors as the advocacy director of AARP, joins Tim and Barbara to discuss legislation that the AARP is hoping to impact.


Segment 5: Legislation Affecting Seniors

Allen Ramsaur, Attorney, Counselor-At-Law, and former Executive Director of the Tennessee Bar Association, and Vickie Harris, Founder and CEO of CommunityConneXor and Past Board President of Nashville’s Council on Aging, join Tim and Barbara to discuss additional legislative issues that have the potential to impact seniors.



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Honorable Lisa Zavogiannis

Montgomery County Veterans Coalition

Centennial Adultcare Center

The Veranda

AARP Tennessee

Allan Ramsaur



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