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10 Facts about Palliative Care

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Palliative care is an approach that improves the quality of life of patients (adults and children) and their families who are facing problems associated with life-threatening illness. It prevents and relieves suffering through the early identification, correct assessment and treatment of pain and other problems, whether physical, psychosocial or spiritual. Palliative care is a crucial part of integrated, people-centered health services, at all levels of care: it aims to relieve suffering, whether its cause is cancer, major organ failure, drug-resistant tuberculosis, end-stage chronic illness, extreme birth prematurity, or extreme frailty of old age.

10 Facts about Palliative Care

  1. Palliative care improves lives.

  2. Pushing policy will drive palliative care forward.

  3. Most people in need of palliative care are in their own homes.

  4. Palliative care benefits everyone.

  5. Oral immediate-release morphine is an essential palliative medicine.

  6. Children have little access to palliative care

  7. Palliative care is “people-centered.”

  8. Palliative care shows global disparity.

  9. The need for palliative care has never been greater.

  10. Integrating home care has multiple benefits.

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