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A Client’s Story

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Toward the end of their lives, my parents didn’t have a lot of money remaining.  My dad had severe macular degeneration, and my mom was showing signs of dementia.  I knew we’d reached a desperate point with them and had to do something.  Social workers and a family lawyer tried to be helpful, but there was such a bewildering pathway of paperwork and decisions! Then a friend recommended Tim Takacs…

Tim sized it up and said we could do much better than we thought.  He showed us how we could take my parents’ assets and make them last all the way through, and also how to work with VA and Medicaid to maximize the benefits my folks were entitled to receive.  When my dad passed on, everything was prepared and in place–including continuing my mother’s care.

The key for us was that Tim and his staff specialize in only this type of law, and they stay abreast of the constant changes that are occurring every day in this field.  My siblings and I are college-educated, but we were totally overwhelmed by the amazing burden of paperwork required to get the benefits our parents deserved, and never would have accomplished it without Tim and his great staff.

They are just THE BEST!

Marsha Hunt Nashville, TN



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