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Couldn’t See the Problem

Editor’s Note: This slice-of-life article was submitted by Gayle Hornsby, an Elder Law Practice client.

That is so silly, I recall thinking. Little did I know how that statement would come to haunt me.

The worst part about old age is it sneaks up on you. It starts off with a few joint pains, then you notice failing eye sight. And I had no idea how hard it would be to keep up with glasses.

One day as I was returning home after lunch with friends, I realized I  had left my glasses back at the restaurant. Driving back frantically back to the restaurant, I dashed in and headed straight to the booth where we had eaten earlier.

I couldn’t hold back my tears as I crawled under the table, fumbling around in the darkness in search of my glasses.

Seeing my predicament, the waitress came over to see if she could offer any assistance.

“Please help me,” I said, crawling out from under the table. “I must have left my bifocals behind when we were here earlier. I need to find them because  I don’t think my insurance will pay for me to get another pair.”

“Ma’am,” the waitress said. “I see your glasses. They’re on top of your head.”

“Oh,” I mumbled, “I never thought about looking for them up there.”

“Really?” she said, shaking her head with utter disbelief.~



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