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Tim Takacs Wins Sage Award

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

We are delighted to announce that Tim Takacs has been selected as one of the 2021 Sage Award honorees.

Sponsored by AgeWell Middle Tennessee, the Sage Awards honor individuals who have demonstrated a lifelong commitment to improving quality of life for older adults in Middle Tennessee.

Tim Takacs certainly fits the bill.

Certified by the National Elder Law Foundation as a Certified Elder Law Attorney, Tim Takacs was one of the first elder law attorneys in the nation to assemble an interdisciplinary team of experts to provide integrated client care. He called this new form of elder law “Life Care Planning.”

Tim began his legal career in 1980, right after graduating from Vanderbilt University Law School. He joined three other lawyers to open a general practice in Hendersonville.

After Tim had been practicing law for about a decade, an older gentleman walked into his office.

“My wife just went into a nursing home, and I don’t know what to do,” the man told Tim.

“I don’t know either,” Tim said, “but I’m going to find out how I can help you.”

Tim found a way to solve this gentleman’s problem, and he has been helping older adults and their families ever since.

In the mid-nineties, Tim began adding non-lawyer health care professionals to his staff, including registered nurses, social workers, and public benefits specialists, to address quality of life and care issues that the challenges of old age and disability presented to his clients.

Since perfecting this new way of practicing elder law, Tim has made life better for thousands of clients and families who have sought his help. His innovations have transformed the practice of elder law in the United States and have set a new standard of excellence in the field.

Tim’s success motivated him to share his innovations with other lawyers. In 2006, he founded the Life Care Planning Law Firms Association to teach other attorneys how to make their practice more “elder-centered.” Over the last two decades, hundreds of elder law attorneys and fledgling elder care coordinators from across the country have made the trek to Hendersonville to observe Tim and his staff in action.

Tim is the author of Elder Law Practice in Tennessee (Lexis/Nexis, 1998; supplemented annually) and A Guide to Elder Law Practice (Lexis, 2007). He is also one of the principals of Life Care Consulting LLC, a consulting firm that helps attorneys launch successful Life Care Planning practices.



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