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Get the Johnson McGinnis Elder Care Law App

Updated: May 8

The Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law app is here and ready to be installed on your phone or digital device. Make your set-up appointment now!

Do you want quick access to your Power of Attorney documents in emergency situations? Would you like to have a convenient way to watch and share informative videos? Electronic copies of all the memos included in your binder?

We have an app for that: the Johnson McGinnis Elder Care Law app!

The app allows you to store all your important estate planning-related documents electronically on your phone. Share documents easily with your family, your agents, healthcare professionals, and others who need them.

Having these important documents at your fingertips can come in handy for doctors' visits, trips to the bank, and for other financial and medical institutions that request items like financial and healthcare Powers of Attorney and Advance Directives.

The Johnson McGinnis app also gives you access to a robust library of educational videos, legal memos, and a schedule of upcoming Learning Cafes and webinars.

What are you waiting for? Call the office to schedule an appointment to set up the app on your phone or digital device. We will help you with every step of the process. Call 615.824.2571 to get started.



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