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Have You Discovered Our Podcast?

If you’re working to get educated about the challenges created by long life, chronic illness, and disability, one of the best sources of information is AGING STARTS NOW, Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law’s weekly podcast.

AGING STARTS NOW has covered lots of interesting topics recently. In the last few months, we’ve posted episodes about maximizing Social Security benefits, choosing a Medicare broker, things your spouse needs to know, and much more.

There’s a new episode every week. Listen in as members of the Takacs McGinnis team discuss the tools, techniques, strategies, and services that make the elder care journey easier for everyone involved. The podcast format makes it easy to access this content when it’s most convenient for you. Most episodes come in at less than 30 minutes, which means you can catch a listen while you walk the dog, commute to work, run on the treadmill, or do chores around the house.

Find the AGING STARTS NOW podcast on your favorite podcasting app, listen on SoundCloud, or find episodes on the Aging Starts Now podcast page on our website.

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