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It Pays to Shop Around – Part 1

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

My sister and I started working with Takacs McGinnis to help care for my elderly parents when they both got sick at the same time a few years ago. We wanted to make sure that everything was in place and that we could protect their assets from long-term care costs. We accomplished that, and then we got a bonus. We had no idea that Takacs McGinnis could help us cut our parents’ prescription drug costs by looking at their Medicare Part D coverage during open enrollment. We have Josh Hunter to thank for that.

Mom and Dad had been on the same Medicare Part D plan for close to 20 years. They never thought to look for a different plan. They were satisfied with what they had. What they didn’t realize was their drug costs were going up every year. They were both taking high-dollar medicines. Dad would go into the donut hole very early each year and be there until December.

The first year we worked with Takacs McGinnis, Josh looked at Mom and Dad’s drug coverage during Medicare Annual Open Enrollment and recommended that we move Mom and Dad to a new drug plan and use a different pharmacy. We saved about $2,000 that first year. This year, Josh recommended switching plans and pharmacies again, which saved them another $5,000.

My sister and I were surprised and delighted to know that Takacs McGinnis could help us in this way. Saving $7,000 in drug costs in two years was such an unexpected benefit. All I have to do is give Josh a list of my parents’ medications, sit down with him for a few minutes, and he takes it from there. He makes the change easy. On a scale of one to ten, Josh is a ten.

A lot of older folks are like my parents. They find a drug plan they like and then they stick with it. They don’t realize that they could save big money by shopping around for a better deal. Having Josh do this for us has been a godsend.

Susan Clark


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