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It Pays to Shop Around – Part 2

My mom had set up her own Medicare drug plan several years ago. When I started paying her bills not long ago, I noticed that some of the drugs she was taking, drugs that had been originally covered by her prescription drug insurance, were no longer covered. Some of these drugs are really expensive. When Joshua offered to help me look at Mom’s drug coverage, I decided to do it. I’m so glad I did. Joshua saved us about $6,000 per year!

Joshua is wonderful to work with. He’s very easy to talk to and he cares about your concerns. Plus, he knows everything there is to know about Medicare. He makes complicated concepts (like the Donut Hole) easy to understand. I know that I can call him whenever I have a concern. I also know that, come the next annual enrollment, he will help me make sure that Mom is getting the best deal on her prescription drug coverage. I trust him to show me what to do. And I really appreciate that.

A Takacs McGinnis client


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