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LEARNING CAFE RECAP: Lesser-Known VA Benefits

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Lesser-known VA benefits were the topic of a recent Learning Cafe presentation by Chris Johnson, an attorney, one of the firm’s partners, and a Marine Corps veteran.

Here are the key takeaways from this presentation:

  1. There are other service connected claims that are considered presumptive, besides Agent Orange, which can greatly increase the success of a claimant.

  2. Dependency Indemnity Compensation is available to spouses and children of veterans whose death is related to their military service.

  3. The VA has a multitude of Caregiver Support Services for caregivers of veterans to access to assist them in providing the highest level of care to their veterans.

  4. The Veterans Health Administration provides eligible veterans with health care at over 1,000 treatment facilities across the US, and determining your eligibility is as simple as submitting the VA Form 10-10EZ.

  5. The VA has multiple disability grant programs for people with significant injuries from service, to include loss of limbs, eyesight, etc.

VA claims are complicated, and Chris advised families to seek help from a VA-Accredited Attorney.

Questions? Need help? Just give the office a call at (615) 824-2571.

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