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Team Tidbit - Sarah Chapman Sings

Did you know that Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law's receptionist is a singer?

Sarah Chapman has been singing for years. "I grew up with it," she said. "My dad's a banjo player and I went to all kinds of bluegrass festivals growing up. I guess it's just in my blood."

In high school, Sarah sang for fun, but got serious after graduation, so she moved to Nashville five years ago to pursue her craft. Since her arrival, she has written many songs. One of the most memorable is the single from one of her latest albums, a song called Angry Weather. The tune has a special meaning for Sarah, though it has nothing to do with her or her life. "It's about an abusive relationships with an alcoholic," she said. "The song compares the alcoholic's raging moods with severe weather."

Sarah shot the video for Angry Weather at an 1800s plantation home in Bell Buckle, Tennessee, about an hour south of Nashville.Her father is one of the musicians featured in the video.

Watch the video of Sarah Chapman singing Angry Weather.



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