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Team Tidbit: Three Things You Didn’t Know about Joshua Hunter

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Editor’s Note: This is the first article in a series about Takacs McGinnis staff members.

If you have worked with Joshua Hunter, you already know that he is a Medicare and VA benefits expert. Here are three things you probably didn’t know about the man we call J2.

Joshua with his fossils from Colorado

Joshua is an Avid Fossil Hunter

Joshua has been fossil hunting since he was young. “I started doing it with my dad when I was about five years old,” Joshua said. “Watching the movie Jurassic Park only fueled my obsession with fossils.”

Joshua's fossil collection contains all but two of the types of fossils that can be found in Tennessee.

His sizable collection includes all but two of the fossils one can find in Tennessee. “Most of the fossils in Tennessee are sea-based, which surprises a lot of people,” Joshua said. “Most people don’t realize that there was a time when Tennessee was underwater.”

Some of Joshua’s most interesting finds include Heterotropa, a coral-related fossil that he found in Mansker's Creek. He also has a dragonfly embedded in amber. “You can find all kinds of sea life if you know where to look,” he said. “The fossils we have in this area are older than the dinosaurs.”

Joshua is a (Not Starving) Artist

In addition to his fossil obsession, Joshua is an accomplished artist who has sold more than 70 works since he started painting seriously during college. “I actually started out as a painting major,” he said. “I started by doodling as a kid and was encouraged to keep at it. I’ve always loved creating art.”

One of Joshua Hunter's watercolors.

Joshua has produced works in every media, but his favorite is watercolor, and his works sell quickly. “I’ve been asked to do shows in galleries, but I don’t have enough of a working collection to support a show,” he said. “I probably have two pieces that haven't sold.”

Joshua was a Professional Caregiver

While he was still in college, Joshua worked as a hands-on caregiver for a home care company. “It was seven days a week, but very rewarding,” he said. “I got really close to all the families.”



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