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The Takacs McGinnis Mobile App is Here!

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Has your loved one ever had an emergency and you needed to quickly access their advance directives, living will, and/or the paperwork giving you the authority to make healthcare decisions for them? Did you have trouble finding what you needed?

What if you could have these items immediately available no matter where you are?

Now, thanks to the Takacs McGinnis app, you can. The app is a digital archive that allows clients and their chosen family members to access important documents using their phones, the one thing most people always have with them.

For instance, have you ever been doing business at the bank and they request a copy of the trust or your durable power of attorney paperwork? Most people never think to bring these documents with them. The app allows you to have everything you need at your fingertips.

The app allows you to customize access. Choose what you want to share with each family member. Maybe you want a family member to have access to your financial power of attorney, but not your trust. With the Takacs McGinnis app, you can do that.

In addition to being a place to safely store digital copies of your documents, you can also find information on Takacs McGinnis' upcoming educational events.

Are you ready to simplify access to the documents you need to manage your--or a loved one's--affairs? If you're a Takacs McGinnis client, we will help you install the app and get it set up with your information. In the meantime, this tutorial will give you a sneak peek at the app and how it works.

To schedule an appointment to have us set up the app on your device, please call the office at 615.824.2571.



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