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A Takacs McGinnis client talks about his experience working with the firm's Medicare Specialist.


A Takacs McGinnis client talks about the firm helped his mother save money on her Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage.


A Takacs McGinnis client talks about his overall experience working with the firm.


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My parents worked hard their entire lives for everything they had. Late in life, my daddy was stricken with a debilitating chronic illness.  As he got progressively worse, my mama wasn’t physically able to care for him.  He had to go into a nursing home. I didn’t want my parents to lose all their savings to the system, but I had no idea where to start—with my full time job, I didn’t have the time to understand all the ins and outs.

 Some of my friends recommended we look into Tim’s firm, and I’m glad we did. All of the staff on our case were so helpful and compassionate. It’s a process, with a lot of moving parts. Nursing home administration, Medicaid, banking and legal matters—they helped us with everything. 

These people weren’t just making money off of us—they were genuinely interested in helping. And if you’re in a situation like this, you’ll need somebody to help you, too. The price tag might be a hard lick, but it’s not anything compared to what you stand to lose if you don’t have help.  

Mikey West, Defeated, Tennessee

After my father was diagnosed with cancer, he faced a permanent nursing home stay. Since that would have eaten up all of his savings, I went to Tim Takacs’ practice to see what options were available to protect my father’s assets. He guided me through the pros and cons of each option so that I was able to make the best decision for my family’s situation. 

When my father passed away, Tim and his firm helped me through all the next steps to ensure that my mother remained protected. Without them, I wouldn’t have known what to do at all. They made me feel so comfortable, and always explained things very well. Tim took such good care of my family. There’s so much to look out for when your parents reach this phase of life, and his practice will give you the guidance you need. 

Janet Holt, Brentwood, Tennessee

Toward the end of their lives, my parents didn't have a lot of money remaining.  My dad had severe macular degeneration, and my mom was showing signs of dementia.  I knew we'd reached a desperate point with them and had to do something.  Social workers and a family lawyer tried to be helpful, but there was such a bewildering pathway of paperwork and decisions!  Then a friend recommended Tim Takacs...

Tim sized it up and said we could do much better than we thought.  He showed us how we could take my parents' assets and make them last all the way through, and also how to work with VA and Medicaid to maximize the benefits my folks were entitled to receive.  When my dad passed on, everything was prepared and in place--including continuing my mother's care.
The key for us was that Tim and his staff specialize in only this type of law, and they stay abreast of the constant changes that are occurring every day in this field.  My siblings and I are college-educated, but we were totally overwhelmed by the amazing burden of paperwork required to get the benefits our parents deserved, and never would have accomplished it without Tim and his great staff.  They are just THE BEST!

Marsha Hunt, Nashville, TN

My wife Susanne had to go into assisted living a few years ago when her mental problems and Parkinson’s were escalating. I was scared to death, and had no idea how to move forward or where to turn. Luckily, a social worker at the hospital passed me Tim’s number. Immediately we were taken care of—Tim and his staff helped arrange Susanne’s care and set up a trust fund so that we could protect her 401(k) money. 

Life changes like this are scary—the system can be too complicated for us to figure out on our own, even if we do research. It’s all a learning process, but having such kind, compassionate people to help guide you through the process makes it that much easier. They’re still around for me whenever I have questions, and they even sometimes call just to check in on me. After five years together, I can proudly call them friends. 

Dale G., Tennessee

When my mother was diagnosed with cancer, my father was the primary caregiver. But it wasn’t long after that diagnosis that we realized my father also needed help. Due to previous strokes, his behavioral issues were signs of onset dementia and he needed long-term care. One of the nursing home facilities I talked to referred me to Tim. 

Tim’s office helped us get everything in order—POA’s, the wills, qualifying for Medicaid, everything. He was a godsend because both my brother and I have demanding jobs that include frequent travel, so we would never have been able to get everything in place by ourselves. I don’t know how we could have done it without the support of Tim’s team. Without having that guidance and direction, it’s totally overwhelming. 

I’d say to seek help earlier rather than later, because it’s a lot of work. I don’t want to put my own child in this position where she has to make all these decisions. If arranging for elderly care planning is like crafting a book, I want my child to be able to pick the book up off the shelf to know what to do, instead of having to put the book together herself like I did. Don’t wait until there’s a significant health event or emergency to contact Tim and his staff.

Elizabeth S., Clarksville, Tennessee

Several years ago when I was working in Afghanistan, I got the call that my parents needed help. My stepfather had been suffering from Alzheimer’s and I knew I needed to find legal aid. I went to my parent’s attorney and he couldn’t help me with elder law, so I was referred right to Tim Takacs. 

He helped me get everything in order in advance of my stepfather’s passing, so there was less stress during that difficult time. Aging parents is something everybody may face. Being prepared is important, and the best thing you can do is seek legal help. Tim and his firm did a great job.

P. Christian

As an attorney myself, I first heard of Tim Takacs almost seven years before I even needed his services. He had done such a fantastic job in a TennCare hearing that I knew without a doubt he was my go-to when my own father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and onset dementia. My mom had been taking care of him up until that point, but it was so consuming that we knew he’d need to be placed somewhere. 

Tim met with us and helped us figure out what came next. He developed a plan, created a trust to shield my father’s assets, and gave peace of mind to my mother so that she could be comfortable knowing she could afford to care for my father without losing the roof over her head.

Once my dad was settled, we found out that my mother was ill—stage four cancer. Luckily, Tim had prepared us for all contingencies. When my mother passed, we were able to handle the estate and still continue my father’s care until his own passing a year later.  

Don’t wait to seek help; and if you ever have any questions, asking early is better than asking too late. Tim hires only the best, and he and his staff turned this difficult time into a smooth and manageable transition. With this firm, I had an expert at my side every step of the way. 

Dan S., Hendersonville, Tennessee

After multiple falls and worsening health, it became clear my husband couldn’t stay at home. Doctors put him into nursing home care, and one of the pamphlets I received had Tim’s name on it. I called him as soon as we began running into billing issues.

Tim went right to work for me once I gave him a rundown of our assets and savings. He helped us change deeds, draft wills…he even got my husband onto Medicaid, which was a huge relief to us. There was so much to learn and understand—but Tim helped us through, and now that it’s settled, it’s so much easier to move forward. I’m very well pleased with his firm. If you can afford it, go for it! 


My mother was the first to enter a nursing home facility, after she had a stroke. A financial advisor recommended Tim Takacs for care planning so my stepfather and I went to see him. That turned out to be the best advice we could have gotten. By that time my mother had exhausted almost all of her assets, so Tim helped get her on Medicaid and began managing their affairs. When my stepfather needed to enter the same facility a few years later, we had everything in place so his assets were protected and he could receive the same exceptional care.

Tim and his firm were a lifeline to be able to help my parents. They gave simple directions and we worked together as a team. They did the most stressful part of the job, which left me to do what I needed to do--give love, care, and support to my parents.  For all families, blended or otherwise, it’s helpful to have one point person that takes care of it all. I recommend contacting Tim, explaining your situation, and seeing how his office can help you carry out your parents’ wishes.

Jan Street, Dickson, Tennessee

My parents kept strict control of their personal matters until very late in life. When they both fell unexpectedly, only 22 hours apart, they were admitted to a hospital. It was a downward spiral from there. My sister and I had to take control quickly, literally overnight, and learn about all their business and personal affairs. My parent’s pastor recommended that I contact Tim Takacs’ office, which we did immediately.

Right away, it felt like we were a longtime client of theirs. It was like the Takacs team had a crystal ball and could see what might happen next. They helped us navigate all the waters-- medical, financial, and legal issues. My mother fell ill with pneumonia soon after, and we had to accelerate a lot of the legal matters—over the holidays, no less. But they took it all in stride, and did amazing work for brand new clients during the busiest time of the year.

It would have been very difficult to know which way to go without them, it all happened so fast and furious. The people at Takacs were crucial to my emotional well-being at the time, too. It was like calling a friend instead of a hired attorney. I recommend them to anybody in the Middle Tennessee area. 

Barb K.

My mother had a massive hemorrhage in 2004; after surgery and rehab, she became a total care patient. I’d heard all sorts of horror stories about Medicaid and Medicare while she was in the hospital, and someone gave me Tim Takacs’ card. I didn’t call him right away. But when the nursing home bills started piling up in the thousands, I knew I had to take action.

Tim helped us right away—setting up estate planning, long term health care, and more for my mother. What we spent on the firm, we more than made up for what we saved throughout the years. Having them on our side was like having a third set of eyes, always watching out for my mother’s care. 

Having practiced medicine for more than 30 years as a physician’s assistant, I see firsthand a lot of medical issues daily. But nothing prepared me for navigating nursing homes, Medicaid, and Medicare. I was lucky I found Tim when I did. Don’t wait until the catastrophe strikes and you don’t know where to turn and what to do. Tim and his staff are a great asset, and will give you incredible peace of mind during a difficult time. 

David Sehorn, M.S., P.A. -C., Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

When I went to my first meeting with Tim and his staff, I was scared, exhausted from caregiving and had no idea what my next move should be. But the Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law staff knew exactly what to do and that gave me confidence. Their integrity, professionalism and compassion were just what I needed at a time when I was at a total loss about what to do next.

I chose to go with the Life Care Plan and I’m so glad I did. It was worth it, especially because I could have never carried out my responsibilities as my husband’s caregiver without the help of Tim and his staff.

They are good folks—they are real. I can’t say enough about my appreciation for them.

Gayle D., Columbia, Tennessee

Estate planning at the last minute is a terrible experience. It’s extremely stressful to see your mom sick and in the nursing home while you try to work the finances out. I called several attorneys but quickly realized that most really didn’t know how to help.

Friends encouraged me to call Tim Takacs and I’m glad I did. I got more information from Tim’s website than I did from many hours spent talking with other attorneys.

The check I wrote to Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law was the best money I’ve ever spent. That check lifted the burden off of my shoulders and gave it to Tim and his staff. They took care of everything: government paperwork, calling the nursing home and much more. Tim and his staff helped me make the best decisions for Mom without sacrificing time with my wife and daughter. It was worth every penny.

In my opinion, Tim Takacs is one of the best attorneys in the country when it comes to Estate Planning and Elder Care law, if not the best! He and his staff are great about answering emails, returning phone calls and answering questions. Bryson is fantastic. He has a gift for working with the elderly. He even stopped in to see my mom.

My wife and I are now considering meeting with Tim to take care of our own affairs so when that time comes, we will be ready and our daughter won’t have to worry.

Robert Payne, Real Estate Broker, Nashville, Tennessee

Within the space of about three weeks, both of my parents’ health declined to the point that we feared they might both need nursing home care. My sister and I were going crazy trying to figure out what to do. We didn’t know where to turn.

Friends who knew about our situation urged us to call Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law. In fact, four people in 24 hours said, “You need to talk with Tim Takacs.” After the initial consultation with Tim and his staff, we realized we couldn’t afford not to work with Tim.

My favorite part of working with them was the ease and comfort we felt after each interaction. Tim and his staff made me feel relaxed and comfortable. Everyone was so reassuring during such a difficult, stressful situation. Lisa and my Elder Care Coordinator became my two “new best friends” during this time. They always had time and patience about things we might not have understood completely. We worked with Bryson Eubanks toward the end, and he, too, was very helpful. Whenever we had questions, they responded promptly and thoroughly without ever making us feel inadequate or intimidated.

Our experience was so positive that we recommend Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law to all our friends. I loved working with them!

S.F. Shelton, Sumner County, Tennessee

I wanted to thank you for allowing me to participate in your exceptional seminar. Your depiction of “The Danger Zone” is so valid and so compelling. I see now how it syncs so perfectly with professionals in the fields, whose work and senior focus are, steadfastly, “elder-centered.”

I appreciate the unique leadership and impetus, which you, singularly (along with your staff) have given to the once nascent elder law specialty. As a fellow professional passionate about my small contribution to the senior area, I salute you.

Steve Mathews, CareGivers by Wholecare Connections, Inc.

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