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Are You at Risk?

Will the hidden FINANCIAL, LEGAL, and PERSONAL costs of caring for elderly loved ones jeopardize your future?

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Are you mortgaging your future to care for your elderly parents?

Answer YES or NO to each question.

1. Have you used your own money to pay for groceries, utilities, rent, home repairs, medical bills, prescription drugs, in-home care, or long-term care for your elderly parents?*
2. Have you tried to qualify a parent for Medicaid or VA benefits on your own without success?*
3. Have you withdrawn funds from your retirement accounts to pay for your parents’ expenses?*
4. Are you concerned about how you will pay for your parents’ care in the future?*
5. Have you had difficulty setting aside funds for your own retirement because your extra money is being used to support your parents?*
6. Have you put off creating an estate plan for yourself?*
7. Are you wondering how you will be able to afford your own long-term care as you age?
8. Are your parents able to live independently only with significant support from you and/or other family caregivers?
9. Have your parents put off expressing their preferences for care to you or your siblings?
10. Are you worried about how you will hold down your job and care for your own family while providing care for your parents as their condition worsens?
11. Do you find yourself in frequent disagreements with other family members about your parents’ care?
12. Is the primary caregiver for your parents overwhelmed, burned out, frustrated, or feeling guilty?
13. If one parent is in good health but the other is not, is your healthy parent concerned about providing care for his or her spouse?
14. Is your healthy parent concerned about being impoverished by his or her spouse’s long-term care bills?
15. Are you and your siblings confused about how you will pay for your parents’ long-term care?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are being impacted by the hidden legal, financial, and personal costs of caregiving. We have just sent you an email containing information about what to do next. If you don't receive an email from us right away, please check your spam folder.

Provide Loving Care for Your Parents WITHOUT Jeopardizing Your Future

Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law will show you how.

Call 615.824.2571 to schedule a confidential consultation.

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