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Dementia and Hearing Loss

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Seventy-one percent of people over age 70 are affected by hearing loss. Add dementia to the mix and things can be even more difficult. Try these tips to smooth communication with a loved one dealing with dementia and hearing loss.

  1. Relax. Take a moment to calm yourself if you are feeling rushed or stressed.

  2. Try to make eye contact. This will help the person focus on you.

  3. Make sure they can see your face clearly when you speak. Try to be on the same level so they don’t have to look up or down at you.

  4. Limit background noise. Minimize competing noises, such as the radio, TV, or other conversations.

  5. Write notes. If your loved one is comfortable reading, jot down simple messages.

  6. Rely on sight. Use books and other visual cues that might help you both communicate more effectively.

  7. Pace your speech. Talk a little more slowly than usual.


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