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Hiring a Caregiver – Step 3: Develop a Job Contract

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

The job contract is based upon the job description. It formalizes the agreement between you, the employer, and the employee, and is signed by both of you. Should questions or problems come up later, either party can refer to the written agreement.

A good work contract should include the following:

  1. Name of employer and ”household employee”

  2. Wages (including tax withholding—see section on Employer’s Responsibilities) and benefits (e.g., mileage, meals, vacation, holidays)

  3. When and how payment will be made

  4. Hours of work

  5. Employee’s Social Security number

  6. Duties to be performed (i.e., the job description)

  7. Unacceptable behavior (e.g., smoking, abusive language, tardiness, etc.)

  8. Termination (how much notice, reasons for termination without notice, etc.)

  9. Dated signatures of employee and employer




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