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LEARNING CAFE RECAP: TennCare Redetermination

In normal circumstances, all Medicaid agencies (including TennCare in Tennessee) are required to redetermine the eligibility of their members at least once a year. This means TennCare must review members’ information and decide if they still qualify for coverage.

The pandemic has disrupted many things, and the TennCare redetermination process is one of them. TennCare has placed a hold on the redetermination process due to the public health emergency created by COVID. The current public health emergency is due to end on July 15, 2022, but it could be extended again.

Once TennCare redetermination resumes, you can expect to receive a redetermination letter in the mail. Public Benefits Specialist Joshua Bey suggests that you set up a TennCare Connect portal for the TennCare member. The portal shows when you can expect your redetermination to happen. You can also complete your redetermination via the portal.

When it’s time for redetermination, TennCare will upload your renewal packet to the portal and send a notification email to the email address on file. TennCare has an option for you to call TennCare Connect and complete the redetermination process. TennCare Connect can also answer any questions about the renewal process.

The redetermination process is used to report any changes that have not been reported to TennCare since your initial approval or last redetermination. TennCare requires that supporting documents be submitted with the redetermination packet.

The due by date of the redetermination packet is 40 days from the date the letter was created by TennCare. That date is in the top right-hand corner. The packet and supporting documents can be mailed, faxed or uploaded to the TennCare Connect portal.

The TennCare Renewal packet contains about 70 pages. The CHOICES portion of the renewal application is about 28 pages. This process may be every bit as challenging as your initial application, and if you are selected for redetermination, you will have a tight deadline for submitting evidence that the recipient still qualifies. If you don’t respond, the recipient risks losing benefits.

The renewal packet asks about changes to your income and resources. This is a great time to report whether your pension or retirement has changed. If anything has been sold, traded, or transferred, report it to TennCare in your renewal.

There are four ways to renew your coverage:

Option 1

Call TennCare Connect for free at (855) 259-0701 to renew your coverage over the phone.

Option 2

Mail your completed and signed Renewal Packet to:

TennCare Connect P.O. Box 305240 Nashville, TN 37230-5240

Option 3

Fax your completed and signed Renewal Packet to (855) 315-0669. Be sure to keep the page that says your fax went through.

Option 4

Use TennCare Connect. If the letter you got in the mail says you can renew your coverage online, visit and log in to your TennCare Connect account. Then click “Renew my Coverage.”

Questions? Need help? Just give the office a call at (615) 824-2571.


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