March 2022

Aging is Still Changing

The age distribution of our firm's clientele mirrors the demographic changes happening across the country. In addition to these demographic changes, how else is the experience of aging different now than it was a generation ago?

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NAELA Welcomes Barbara McGinnis to Board of Directors

Certified Elder Law Attorney and partner Barbara McGinnis has been selected to serve a two-year term on the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys Board of Directors.

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Too Old to Get Hooked?

When you think about the kind of person who becomes addicted to opioids, what comes to mind? Chances are it’s not your elderly father, the sweet old woman down the street, or your grandmother in the nursing home. When it comes to opioid addiction and senior citizens, misconceptions abound. 

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Will You Make These Common Asset Protection Mistakes?

What are the biggest asset protection-related mistakes people make when trying to qualify for Medicaid to pay for an elderly loved one's care? This article lists ten of the most common.

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Programs Offer Property Tax Relief for Elderly, Disabled and Veterans

If you're a senior citizen or if you care for an elderly loved one who still lives in his or her own home in Middle Tennessee, you need to know about property tax freeze and property tax relief programs. This article explains the basics and includes links to more information so you can take advantage of these tax breaks.

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